Friday, December 5

New Perspective Courtesy of Amazon

So there I was, browsing Amazon Prime for a new show to watch when I saw this:
And suddenly I had to reevaluate everything.


I didn't know other people considered Torchwood a comedy. I had to go back and look at the shows to make sure I was ready the right caption. Naruto falls under Friendship? Yes. Archer falls under Offbeat? Yes. Mike the Knight falls under Fantasy? Of course. Dora the Explorer is a Mystery/Thriller? Fine, I can see how that fits. Chappelle's Show falls under Politics? Uh, yeah. But Torchwood is a Comedy? What show has Amazon been watching?

All of these labels were, of course, not Amazon's categorization.  Naruto is clearly Action/Adventure, Archer is Tough Guy (why is that a category?), etcetera, except it WAS NOT CLEAR after all that scrolling.

But I need to thank Amazon for giving me a new perspective on different shows - I can now cite seven reasons Torchwood could be considered a comedy.  That's another post, however.   

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